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When time is of the essence and there is no room for error, you
can count on HTS Enterprise to be there. Since 1998, we've helped
our clients improve their operations by providing a comprehensive
suite of energy, quality, and environmental services.

Whether we're partnering with industrial suppliers or consulting
with regional firms, our global reach allows us to consistently meet
our clients' needs. More importantly, we're committed to providing
"a higher standard of quality and integrity", which means we'll
quickly respond to your requests, while working hard to add
value to your business.

trust our experts    

From skillful project management to expert training and testing,
our work speaks for itself and is backed by a team of consultants
who are fully trained and certified in proven organizational and process improvement strategies like Six Sigma. As a result, we are able to harness well over 150 years of collective management and technical experience, while leveraging a wide range of knowledge,
skill, and expertise.


HTS Enterprise, LLC
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