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General Electric Industrial Systems — Charlotte, NC
Mr. Mark L. Gerdes
Power Delivery Services Leader

"HTS Enterprise's support of General Electric is exemplary.
Garry Harris's knowledge of quality systems, theory, and direct involvement with various customer programs is evident through his thorough, accurate, and uncompromised completion of projects."

Nuclear Assurance Corporation — Atlanta, GA
Mr. R. Howard Smith
Vice President of Quality

"The ultimate quality of services provided by HTS Enterprise
is commendable… Further Garry Harris's exposure in a variety
of organizations made his skill and insight even more beneficial
to NAC."

Maurabeni Corporation — Tokyo, Japan
Mr. Kazumasa Kuwahara
Deputy General Manager, Nuclear Energy Department

"Maurabeni Corporation and JPAC were very complementary and pleased with the work provided … We plan to use Mr. Harris on future projects and assignments."



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