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In keeping with our commitment to provide the best service, we
require our staff to stay abreast of the latest changes, trends and improvements in energy, quality and environmental services.

For us, education is an ongoing process so we work hard to foster
an environment that encourages long-term growth. Moreover, each
HTS consultant is handpicked and must meet stringent criteria, including advanced training, certification, and practical experience before being assigned to our project team.

With over 150 years of collective power plant experience and
over 40 years of collective nuclear experience, our highly trained management staff has worked with over 45 nuclear plant sites throughout the U.S. and abroad. At HTS Enterprise, our experience
is unparalleled and is fully supported by our dedication to improving
the industries we serve.


If so, e-mail your questions to us at
or click here and a friendly representative will respond within 48 hours.

For general information regarding energy, quality, environmental and related topics, our experts recommend the following websites:


Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nuclear Energy Agency
U.S. Department of Energy
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Energy Guide
Department of Energy
Funeral Ethics Association
Nuclear Energy Institute
Renewable Energy Policy Project
Simulation, Automation and Security
Energy Star
Energy Information Administration
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
International Atomic Energy Agency


Pacific Consulting Group
Quest Forum
The Greater Atlanta Chapter
American Society for Quality (Six Sigma)
Registrar Accreditation Board
Group Standards


US Environmental Protection Agency
Envirolink Network
Earth Share of Washington
United Nations Environmental Programme
Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory


Interested in a career in the energy, quality and environmental
areas please send us your resume. Submit your resume at:

HTS Enterprise ….. A Higher Standard
of Quality and Integrity


HTS Enterprise, LLC
241 Peachtree Street, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30303 • Tel: 404-965-3951 • Fax: 404-965-3952

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